She Loves Her Fence!

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Happy New year, Dave-
No need to reply but I thought you’d like to know that just this week I’ve had two different people stopping to ask me who did my fence.  One lady passes regularly going to and from work and caught me while I was out in the front yard and waited while I got an Antech card to give her.  She just “loves” my fence!  The other was this afternoon.  Someone named Alexandra taped an envelope to my gate asking me to call to tell her who did my fence because she just “loves” it. She lives in the neighborhood. Of course I called and told her how happy I am with your company.
I believe I’ve had at least six such inquiries so I hope at least some of them are finding their way to you!  This may not be unusual, I don’t know,  but I think it’s pretty complimentary to us both!
Hope all is well with you and yours,
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